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ResxToResJsonCmd™ Version 1.6 is a commercial quality application that makes it easy to convert a .resx resource file to a .resjson resource file, and it validates the correctness of the conversion.  This utility is a must have for Microsoft LightSwitch developers!  This command line application permits you to automate your conversions and to keep your resource files synchronized.  It converts the resource key, string, and comments!

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Hearty Biometrics™ is an online application that saves your biometric information -- blood pressure, pulse rate, temperature, glucose level, cholesterol levels, height, and weight -- in a secure, encrypted format that meets HIPAA requirements.  You can enter and access your biometric information, view filterable charts, and generate filterable reports that contains statistical information (minimum, maximum, average values), from anywhere and at anytime!  Please click here for more information!